Manson Property
Shop 21/121 Yala Road BANGOR 2234 NSW
T: 02 9543 7355








o Australian Taxation Office
o Bank accounts
o Centre Link
o Clubs, memberships
o Council rates (Rates & records are adjusted on settlement)
o Credit cards
o Dentist
o Doctor
o Drivers licence
o Electoral role
o Electricity
o Emergency contact phone numbers and your new address next to phone
o Foxtel
o Friends & family
o Hairdresser
o Insurances (Car, home, contents, boat, bike, life)
o Internet
o Keys (full set, screens, windows, emergency copy to friend or neighbour)
o Mobile phone bill
o Post (arrange re direction 10 days prior to moving)
o Rego
o Schools (address & emergency contact numbers)
o Smoke detectors (Change batteries then replace and test every 12 months)
o Strata details (managing agent contact details)
o Superannuation
o Telephone (transfer number or new connection, if point is in place no technician should be required)
o Water (Rates & records are adjusted on settlement, if leasing you should check the metre reading when you move in)
o Work

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